Where to Buy Vintage Cell Phones

At the time we live with computers, mobile phones and internet almost anywhere, it costs us think about what life was like before these inventions. Today, telephone booths, the typewriters or radios seem inventions that have become obsolete due to the rapid advancement of new technologies.

Here, we like to retrieve objects from other times and use them as decoration to give an original touch to any room in our house. In the next article we will present you the old phone and how to use them as decoration. Follow the advice of our top experts and discover the thousand and one decorative uses of an old phone.

Types of Old Cell Phones

Surely we will have seen some old phone model, either in childhood or at home of our grandparents. Here are some types of older cell phones on internetages that can now be used as a decoration.

  • Telephone candlestick or candelabra is a type of phone you have probably only seen in old movies. It is a phone that had a microphone for talking, which was connected to the phone itself, and a headset to the phone that was unhooked to hear the caller’s voice. This type of phone was designed to be placed on a table or nightstand.
  • Phone Model 500: this phone already incorporated a headset through which to speak and listen at the same time.It was created in 1949 and is the quintessential classic phone as these phones continued to be used until the 90 ‘s  Although this phone was there was also a desktop version wall.
  • Phone gondola: is another phone that we could find in our homes.It was a small phone that contained the speaker, handset and marker of the numbers in the same place.

Later models of cell phones also can be considered old, as mobile phones have evolved by leaps and bounds since then, about 20 years ago, they began to market the first mobile phones. However, it is not the type of phone you’d use as decoration in our house. Follow the advice of our best experts in decoration and discover the tricks and ideas to decorate your house with a vintage inspired cell phones!


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