Sony SmartWatch 3 Reviews

Being the forerunner in the area of ​​connected watches, Sony has somewhat lagged behind its competitors. But since the beginning of the year, it catches the blow with his SmartWach 3.

Highlights of the Sony SmartWatch 3

The SmartWatch 3 offers a square screen. Unlike competitors that can accommodate any type of bracelet, it will be content with what Sony Mobile offers since the strap completely covers the dial.

However, the Japanese manufacturer promises the imminent arrival of new lED bracelet watches. For now, we must be content with a neon yellow or black rubber strap. Moreover, one can distinguish the sportier side of the SmartWatch 3 while its competitors play on luxury and design.

The screen is touch and of course note the transflective technology like the SmartWatch 2. This allows to play with the ambient light in order to provide better readability.

And the big news is the inclusion of a GPS that allows you to go running without your Smartphone and still recover your route.

Indeed, the SmartWatch 3 is supposed to be the sportiest connected Android Wear watches.The only problem is that you have the application of the brand: Lifelog.

Otherwise autonomy side, we can have two days lit screen. One can even take up to three days if there are not too many notifications and if the screen is off.

The technical side

The SmartWatch 3 features a transflective 1.6-inch LCD capable of displaying a resolution of 320 × 320 pixels.

It is powered by an ARM processor consists of four A7 cores running at 1.2 GHz with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. This configuration is far superior to models like the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Lite .

Apart from its accelerometer, its compass, its gyroscope and its ambient light sensor, and the right to GPS, NFC chip and a Bluetooth 4.0 chip.

Everything is driven by a battery of 420 mAh. Thereupon SmartWatch 3 includes a standard micro USB port which allows you to recharge.

Another advantage and not least, the watch is also protected against water with an IP68 protection. So you will not need to remove it when you take your shower.

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