How to Connect Wifi

The WiFi connection allows two devices to communicate and thus to exchange data. We can then connect to the Internet through networks without son.

What is WiFi?

WiFi is a wireless internal communication network. Its role is to connect different computing devices and so enable an exchange of data between them.

The WiFi network enables:

  • Connecting a wireless Internet device: computer, mobile phone, TV, GPS …;
  • Connecting devices together: two computers or phones them, a computer and a printer.

Different ways to connect via WiFi

There are different ways to connect to WiFi:

  • The infrastructure mode allows to connect multiple devices with a WiFi card with a router or access point. The access points provide access to the wired network to the various neighboring machines equipped with Wi-Fi card This access point can be a. Hotspot, increasingly common in crowded places like restaurants of, hotels, airports…;
  • the Ad Hoc Mode is a connection between two computer devices with a WiFi system without using an access point. If one of the devices in the ad hoc network is connected to the Internet, it can share its connection with other network computers.

How to Connect WiFi?

To connect WiFi in Windows 7

  • Click “Start”;
  • Select “Control Panel”;
  • Click “Network and Sharing Center”;
  • Choose “Set up a new connection or a new network” and click “Connect to Internet” and then “Set up a connection”;
  • To the question “How do you connect”, answer “Wireless”;
  • A window appears with a list of all available connections.Choose from this list your WiFi network (normally in first position), then click “Login”;
  • If the network is secure, a security key (often found on the back of the box) you will be requested, it is provided to you by the dealer of the router or the box.After entering the key, click “OK” and after a few moments, the connection will be established. You can then browse the Internet.

To establish the WiFi connection on Mac OS X

  • In the menu bar, click the icon on the top left Apple and then “System Preferences”;
  • “Internet network”, click “Network” and then “AirPort” and activate it;
  • Options “Request to connect to new networks” and “Show AirPort status in menu bar” must be checked;
  • Then click “Advanced”;
  • Click the “+” button under “Preferred networks” to add the wireless connection;
  • Then click on “view network”, select your connection and click “Add”;
  • The “Network” window appears, the AirPort light is green.Launch your browser to test the Internet connection.

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