How to Clear Internal Memory of Android Phone

You have a smartphone with little storage? Or your storage completely filled? How to clean the memory of his smartphone / Android tablet? Here is the solution!


You probably know this application on Windows (and recently released on the Mac), she arrived on Android!

It has several options: Cleaner, to apps Manager, and System Info.

First lets look at the Cleaner. To start a scan, click Scan (bottom left), look at what appears on the screen, and uncheck what you do not want to delete. Above, we see the amount of storage (ROM) occupied and free, feature the less opaque the other is what can be deleted, also the RAM.

After uncheck anything you want to keep, click Clean (bottom right).

For me, it is seen that CCleaner has released 800.55 MB (MB = Megabytes “in English”) of storage.

Turning to the second function that provides this application: Applications Manager.

You can see the amount of storage occupied on your smartphone / tablet, see the “size” that makes each application and the version of each app, and above all be able to uninstall applications by selecting and click Uninstall.

The third part of the application is “System Info”.

We can see: the version of Android the device, the time function, the IMEI of the device, the Android based smartphone, and the root of status (if it is ROOTE or not).

At the bottom we can see information about the Wi-Fi (IP, Mac, SSID (name of network)).

A little further down, we can see the internal storage, the battery (% and temperature) and the CPU (system activity, User, and Off).

SD Maid (PRO):

This program is a little less known than Piriform CCleaner, but SD Maid is more efficient than the program of the pear!

Let’s start with the beginning ! When you start the application, you have 4 options displayed (except NettoyeurApplis if you do not have the PRO version): RechCadavres , NettoyeurSystème , NettoyeurApplis and Databases .

You can make an option only or all by clicking Sweep.

The RechCadavres used to remove the files left by an application after an uninstall, the NettoyeurSystème used to clean Android’s cache, the NettoyeurApplis used to clean the cover of the applications and databasesto optimize databases.

After clicking Sweep and having waited (patience, the time depends on the quality of the chip NandFlash your device), you have the amount of data that the housekeeper can clean! Click Clean up  and wait.

You now have the amount of data that has been deleted. And that’s where we see that there is a slight concern… Before the program estimated 237 MB to remove the NettoyeurApplis, it was released as 3.23… Small bug?

SD Maid (version PRO)

Android settings: You can also uninstall applications you no longer use in Settings > Application Manager >Application to uninstall > Click Uninstall.

You can clean the cache applications (only) from Settings > Storage > Click Data Cache > OK. Make a restart after that.

Applications to avoid:

Master Clean: Clean Master is not advisable since it remains in the background to say “Hey! Look! There are 300 MB RAM that can be released! “It is strictly for nothing, because Android is done in order to kill the tasks in the background to free up RAM when needed. Master Clean is used for one thing: Occupy the RAM for nothing and consume extra energy for nothing!

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