How to Choose a Printer

Now available at affordable prices, multifunction printers are convenient and often offer good results. Accessibility should nevertheless not forget certain details at the time of purchase, starting with the price of the cartridges. To help you make your choice, follow our guide.

Understanding the printer all-in-one

Barely more voluminous than a conventional printer, multifunction printer with integrated scanner, offers a small footprint. Exploiting the same basis as a conventional printer (single function), it allows among others to scan documents. Added to this are numerous functions varying from one model to another.

In addition to saving space, the main advantage of the all-in-one printer is its price. This is indeed lower than it is necessary to spend to acquire similar devices separately.

Each needs its function

Direct photo printing: Most MFPs contain an integrated card reader for easy transfer of pictures. Supported formats are then the following: SD, MMC, CF, xD and MS. Some models also offer the ability to print photos without having to turn on the computer.

Wifi: some average printers and high-end feature a WiFi connection. With it, no need to connect your computer to the printer: everything is wireless. A plus for people with a laptop.

Duplexing: more and more printers can produce paper savings with duplex printing.

Fax function: it is only available on some models of the Brother brand.

Digitalization of slides: there are models with the ability to digitize slides. The rendering is often quite honorable.

The importance of cost per page

In the manner of a package for printers, the cost per page is a factor playing a crucial role in choosing a printer. Most builders mention. At a time when many models selling price falls below the 100 euros, it is necessary to consider the costs over the long term, ie cartridges.

Indeed, some models with an attractive sale price sometimes hide many surprises regarding the price of the latter. In general, the more you go for a cheap model, more cartridges are expensive. Why it is not advisable to turn to a first printer price.

Often the cartridges brands offer two formats for each of their cartridges. It can be tempting to turn to less expensive. However, if XL models come back twice as much, they can print an average of four times. A unity, prices vary by cartridge about 10 to 35 euros, as well as for black ink color.

The importance of print quality

Choose a printer, it is also interested in its print quality. Acceptable print quality is around 4800 X 1200 dpi (dots per inch). But if you want to print photos, it is best that you turn to a model 5760 X 1440 dpi, often more expensive.

Do not forget to take into account the resolution of the scanner. With a resolution of 1200 X 2400 dpi, for example you can scan a photo quality 10 x 15 cm and zoom up to 1.5 times without degrading its rendering.

Although less significant, the speed can also be taken into account. Look for this the number of pages per minute. Please note, data often refer to pages printed in black and white. In color, the speed slows down.

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