Fontastisk idea

Free w-lan when you are away from home sounds like a brilliant idea, and that is precisely what Fon to offer. We tested how to get started and if you really get access to free w-lan, the concept says.

Because Fon is relatively new the possibilities are naturally limited to at the start. The idea behind Fon is to share his w-lan at home. All who share out their w-lan via Fon can access all other members ‘ online for free and that is what is at the heart of the service. Anyone who is not yet a member can purchase access by paying and money coming in can then be distributed among the Fon and the Member that offers connection. Continue reading

Mobile TV in Sharp Mode

Telia is testing right now real digital tv in your mobile phone. We’ve got to do a first test of how it will work.

It was in the context of the European Athletics Championships that hundreds of pilot testers had the opportunity to try out mobile tv. The new technology used is called dvb-h, and is a variant of standard digital tv. It was Telia who conducted the experiment. Both the technology of the network and the phones have been shipped by Nokia.

Nokia N92 is the phone used in the trials. After receiving test mobile tv in a couple of days I can certainly conclude that it works really well. The screen on the Nokia N93 is 3 inches, which is good enough for a portable tv. The image is sharp and bright, and the sound in the speakers are surprisingly good. Continue reading

Compact and Can All

Compared to the competition is primarily a camera the N73 profiled as mobile. With its three Megapixels is the lens against lens in the struggle with the Samsung Z710 and Sony Ericsson K800. But the fact is that N73 is versatile and can handle significantly more.

Series 60 which is the system that drives the N73 is undoubtedly competent. From the start, a lot of programs and features with expandability and are good because you can of course simply to download their own software. Some of the programs that are on your phone right from the start are well known and have become favorites. Others are pleasant surprises. Continue reading

Doped Camera Monster

On paper, it has almost everything you could want from a mobile camera. Looking at the specifications, however, says little about how KG920 really works.

LG is far ahead of its competitors when it comes to the number of megapixels, but if you look closely at the competitors’ latest camera phones you will find also innovations on other planes. They have made mobiles that besides being good camera phones also demonstrates initiative in chat, menu system and internet use. Such we notice nothing of of KG920. It is first and foremost a camera without really doing anything innovative in the mobile sector.

It has instead focused on the integrated camera and with the resolution of 5 megapixels is the almost double many megapixels as its competitors. However, it is not necessarily the number of megapixels that determines how good a picture becomes. Continue reading

Amusing Plastic Mobile

LG has the same problems with their cell phones like the Samsung-they feel for cheap with the plastic casing. But it weighed up by the good multimedia features and MSN Messenger. By Steen Jorgensen

Let’s directly go to the acid reflux that Lg U300 causes. First, the cheap plastic casing. It makes you not feel more love for their mobile than dog owner feels about the little black bags with their body hot content. Secondly, the camera which can be rotated 180 degrees. The idea is quite OK as it provides extra flexibility, but why is it so ugly? If the camera part just had had the same color as the rest of the phone (the test object is the black version) would not cut so violently in the eyes and then would be very successful. Continue reading

3 G with 3-Megapixel Camera from Samsung

Any delay is Samsung’s autofocus-mobile is finally here. Both the camera and the picture quality is impressive.

In the Asian market, Samsung has long been delivering really sharp camera phones, but the real top models, we have not seen this in Europe. On the domestic market, Samsung Mobiles with both five and eight megapixels, but for Europe it has merely put the bar on the same level as Sony Ericsson and Nokia’s best camera phones namely three megapixels and autofocus. The model name Z710 we find, incidentally, also on a current clamshell mobile from Sony Ericsson, but Sony Ericsson Z710 is a GSM mobile phone with simple screens and camera. Continue reading

Genius Game

We want more and more of our phones, and the smartest models works nowadays as pocket-sized computers. We have tested the sharpest mobile intelligence available on the market. by Linus Brohult and Erik M .

SuperTest smartphones 2006

The form and buttons

In smartphones that are so full of features, often sacrificing one thing for that device, to be adjusted for all other features should be able to coexist. When manufacturers put in keyboard, big lavish displays and other things that affect the format, it may be because the telephony function that suffer. So non of the Nokia E70, for with the phone closed, it acts just like any standard mobile phone. It needed no learning period in order to get started with telefonerandet and a history of Nokia users will find everything where you expect to need the keyboard folds to front it and then also change the screen orientation. The fold out keyboard allows E70 gets a correct burly form. Continue reading

Nokia’s Folding Video Mobile

Nokia N93 is a smartphone with a lot of horsepower under the hood.

Mobiles which the manufacturer added a little extra powder on photo features belong to everyday life, but Nokia has gone a step further and also want to compete with N93 with video cameras. A condition of that cell phones should be able to manage high-quality video is a powerful processor. The processor in the N93 comes from Texas Instruments and is a combination of a 350 MHz ARM11 processor, a digital signal processor (DSP) and a graphics accelerator with 3D-functions. It’s not just video features will win on that cell phone has ample computational power. Continue reading

Smart and Tough Training Companion

It was a long time ago we tested a new really durable mobile phone. Nokia 5500 Sport is also a smartphone with many new technical features under the hood. By Linus Brohult

Extra durable phones are becoming more scarce. Few manufacturers are betting on making extra durable models. Nokia is an exception, and after the bestselling Nokia 5140i Nokia will now technically sharper model 5500 Sport.

Unlike the durable phones that have so far come from Nokia, Siemens, and Ericsson is 5500 Sport a smartphone. It is filled with programs and features, and thanks to the Symbian operating system, the user can add a variety of software, games and more. Continue reading

8 Smartphones Tested

We have tested the sharpest mobile intelligence on the market. Tested: HP Ipaq 6915, HTC Mteor, Tytn, Nokia E61 and E70, Samsung i320, Sony Ericsson M600 and P990.

Sony Ericsson P990 smartphone has been both delayed and long overdue, but it is not alone. The fact is that the competitors are many, and they are skilled fighters. Those who want a smart phone has just now unusual. Web, email and telephone can handle them all. A few shines even with 3 g, camera, RSS and even turbo-3 g. We start with a look at test participants. Continue reading

Motorola Pebl

Motorola is betting heavily on design mobiles. But content and functionality reaches is often not up to today’s standard. This is unfortunately also the Motorola Pebl.

It is difficult to determine whether, on the basis of images Pebl is a mobile phone you will like. Design is the fairly different compared to most other phones.

Spontaneously reminds of a small rounded SOAP and the rubbery surface really feels comfortable in your hand. On the outside there is a small oblong and primitive display clock, battery strength, solidity and new incoming messages. It is perfectly OK to screen is so small and primitive, because it does not take as much battery. Continue reading

Samsung E360

Can a new cell phone in 2000-kronorsklassen with slightly outdated camera be something for the discerning mobile buyers? Probably not.

Samsung has a well deserved praise for their mobile phones design and excellent screens. Even when it comes to camera bit is Samsung far forward. Therefore, I was not just a little surprised when I got the Samsung E360 in hand. VGA camera and 65 k color TFT screen? I’m sorry?

In terms of design, E360 clearly approved. Samsung have given shell the new, slightly soft, black finish. This means that the phone is comfortably in the hand and you are not at risk that it slips out of your hand. On the outside, there has been room for a display. It’s an Oled variant that do well, even in sunlight. Above the display you’ll find VGA camera that does not have photo light. Continue reading

Siemens S68

At first glance the Benq-Siemens S68 offers from an insignificant impressions because it is incredibly thin. It’s still a great phone that covers the basic functions of a really good way, and it teaches work fine as a supplement for users with larger smartphone.

As the mobile ntusiast you are, you are probably in your circle of acquaintances who know most about cell phones. Such as you are good to have for anyone else who doesn’t quite share the interest in the wonderful world of mobile phones, and you will certainly give a lot of good advice in the field of mobile telephony. Unfortunately, we find that we sometimes have to defend all the nifty and very practical functions that now are obvious in most mobile phones. Continue reading

Nokia N80

Nokia N80 is Nokia’s smartest cell phone so far. It is the first with 3-megapixel camera and has good internet capabilities.

Smart 3 g phones have a built-in problem. You would like to receive much of a good thing: big screen, good camera, extra camera for video calls, often also keyboards, a lot of memory. How all requests should be discussed together in a cell in the right format, acceptable battery life and an acceptable price is obviously a headache for mobile manufacturers.

To make room for a big screen chose Nokia already in its first smartphone (Nokia 7250, which went on sale in 2002) to have keypad hidden behind the screen. The same solution has the Nokia N80 in new. When the number keys are needed, they simply pushed forward. Continue reading

Option Globesurfer 3 G

Why relax when you finally made it out to the summer cottage? With Globe Surfer 3 g it is possible to set up a wireless network and surf the Web even in places where you can’t get access to broadband Internet in the phone jack.

Because all that is required is a power outlet and mobile coverage, you can easily get a wireless network where multiple computers can connect to the network at the same time. It is probably the primary benefit of Globe Surfer, because if you only have a 3 g phone, it is possible to connect your phone directly to your PC and browse the path. Continue reading


Nonsense that costs

As a podcast, but now directly to the mobile phone. In the new version of the application Shozu you can subscribe to various types of information to be downloaded to your phone in the background. It can be for example video downloaded and because everything happens in the background, you never have to wait. If you’ll look, everything is already downloaded.

The downside, of course, is the amount of data to be downloaded and for it not to be insurmountable expensive recommended any of the operators’ subscription where a blob of data transfer included. The advantage of Shozu says Ceo Mark Bole is to resume interrupted uploads. In addition, he says to the Mobile that Shozu sends an image 30% cheaper than when you send the image via email from your mobile phone. So that they can provide us with ShoZu to send the picture more economically. Continue reading