Formspring is Used by Brazilians to Command Trojan

It is not only to receive and answer questions that Formspring serves. Besides this standard function, it is also used by Brazilian cybercriminals to control the behavior of viruses and malware. The warning is made ​​by Fabio Assolini, malware analyst at Kaspersky in Brazil, which says that those responsible for social media need to pay more attention to this feature of cyber threats. Continue reading

Foursquare and Hootsuite out of the Air Because of the Amazon

The Amazon is not just an e-commerce company. Another sector that the giant is also inserted is hosting sale, with Amazon Web Services. They are responsible for hosting many high traffic sites worldwide, such as social network geolocation Foursquare and the client for Twitter Hootsuite. This morning, however, a failure took the air of the servers and ended up taking the two web sites cited in addition to the Reddit social news site. Continue reading

Mozilla Creates New Icons to Differentiate Versions of Firefox

To accelerate the development of its flagship browser, the Mozilla has said it will release updates for shorter periods of time. There will be four main channels, three for testing and one for the final version. The three test channels are very similar to those of Chrome: a non-tested by the company versions, a version tested but not completely (announced today) and a third, the known beta channel. And how to separate these versions without confusing the user? Easy: with different icons. Continue reading

Hotmail, Gmail and Skype Can be Banned by the Russian Government

Powerful successor to the KGB, the Service Security Federal Russia wants to make popular services like Gmail, Hotmail and Skype are blocked in the land of cold nights and hot blondes. According to information from the news network AFP , the agency is “deeply concerned” about the “uncontrolled use” of services, which use encryption keys “foreign” to ensure the safety of its members. Continue reading

Office Web Apps Have Time to Get to Brazil

Long time we do not speak of the Office Web Apps here. The service follows working very well, thank you, but did not win the Google Docs in this tough battle. The Microsoft also has not released anything really new since the web version of Office was finally released. But now we have the date when the official version in Portuguese arrived in Brazil. Note on your calendar: March 11. Better to wait sitting…


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YouTube Receives 35 Hours of Video Every Minute

A few weeks ago, the YouTube impressed some of us to prove that every minute are sent 24 hours of video to the site. This week he managed to scare the web again to reveal the growth since then: he spent 35 hours of video per minute of its users, which results in little more than 50,000 hours of video per day. In another statement, YouTube said that 30 of the 35 hours are from people falling, getting hurt and doing stupid things in general. Okay, that last part is a lie.


Ronaldo News Conference Live Via Facebook

If you ever wanted to exchange an idea with Ronaldo – yes, the football player – the time is now. Normally accessible only to journalists, Ronaldo will participate in a news conference live today at 20 hours. For this you must enter the operator’s Facebook Of course, sponsoring the player. And who you want to ask should use Twitter, send questions to @claroronaldo, always using #pergunteaoronaldo. Three bloggers were called to participate in the interview, including Mobilon.


Another Strange Manifestation in Street View

All though the cameras of the vehicles Street View are not exactly wonderful, but there’s something strange about the service. Earlier this month I published a text commenting the divine manifestation or (who knows?) Extra-terrestrial in the map display service Google. Untiring users continue looking for new curious images on Street View and found another case that lets anyone hair stand on end.

Continue reading

Opera Goes After Android Users

Opera Software announced some news during the conference Up North Web, the company’s headquarters in Oslo, Norway. The first is the development of a version of Opera Mobile for specific devices Android. This is one of the major mobile platform in which the Opera has not yet had a presence with Opera Mobile, for this version of the browser is now available for Maemo, Symbian and even Windows Mobile. Until then, the only available for Androids, iOS and BlackBerry OS was the Opera Mini. Continue reading

YouTube Ordered to Pay $ 30,000 for Keeping Video Netinho

The Google was fined R $ 30 thousand reais by the Regional Electoral Court (TRE) of São Paulo, not cumprimir court order. The company had to remove a video posted on YouTube that was considered offensive to candidate Senator Netinho de Paula, who is also councilor and singer. The value refers to a daily fine of R $ 10,000, which started in the first. October and ended on October 3, Election Day. The company can still appeal the decision.

Libyan Government Takes Control of the Top Domain .ly

If you arrived at this post by Twitter, probably clicked on a link The shortener service URLs can only be created because someone registered the “bit” domain with the final “.ly” which is reserved for Libya, a country in North Africa. But this shortener may disappear from the internet along with several others the Libyan government understand well, is what says the former owner of the domain, Ben Metcalfe. Continue reading

Choiix Power Fort External Battery From Cooler Master

Cooler Master is best known for his series of cool laptop bags. Now, the company has unveiled a new external battery, designed to give extra life to almost all portable devices that use USB to charge. The product called Choiix Power Fort 5.5 Wt.

The small battery is about the size of an iPhone and have a 1A USB charger port at the bottom that works with all kinds of equipment such as GPS, PDA, mobile phones, and it must also support the IPAD. When you put the Cooler Master to a GPS device, you get about 6 hours of extra life. Smartphones get about 8 hours of use and iPods can be used for additional 48 hours. As Cooler Master can been a very useful iPod accessories or iPhone accessories.

The unit is very slim and portable and the internal 5.5 Whr battery can be recharged up to 300 times. Rates and availability are unknown.