Cut the Clutter: The EU Calls for Uniform Chargers for Smartphones

Are you even old cell phone charger in the closet that no longer needs her, because they don’t fit on your new phone? The EU now wants to change the charging cable chaos in smartphones and tablets and is planning a law that will put an end to the clutter in the closet.

For the members of the Committee in the European Parliament, the advantages of such a law are obvious on the hand: A single charger that fits on all smartphones and tablets, would lower costs and avoid unnecessary waste. In short: We consumers would save money and the planet’s resources would be spared even. Great idea, or? Only problem is, that the manufacturer so far so hard pressed.

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Where to Buy Vintage Cell Phones

At the time we live with computers, mobile phones and internet almost anywhere, it costs us think about what life was like before these inventions. Today, telephone booths, the typewriters or radios seem inventions that have become obsolete due to the rapid advancement of new technologies.

Here, we like to retrieve objects from other times and use them as decoration to give an original touch to any room in our house. In the next article we will present you the old phone and how to use them as decoration. Follow the advice of our top experts and discover the thousand and one decorative uses of an old phone.

Types of Old Cell Phones

Surely we will have seen some old phone model, either in childhood or at home of our grandparents. Here are some types of older cell phones on internetages that can now be used as a decoration.

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LG Brings Out Smartphones with Curved Display!

A message page from Korea has reported that LG has started with the production of smartphones with curved display and in October to produce such a device. Supposedly, the mobile should be so crooked as a banana.

The Korean news channel ZDNet Korea reported that LG will release a smart phone with curved display in October. The model should have a four-core Snapdragon-800 processor from Qualcomm, supports the LTE-advanced. The LG Smartphone with curved display will have a 6-inch OLED display with full HD resolution, that is flexible to some extent. A stable curve Gets the display through the fixed housing where it is.

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Which Samsung Phone Right for You?

You want a new Samsung phone, but you don’t know which is best for you? We have compiled a few different Samsung phone models here – find out which Samsung phone to be your new companion!

A Super Facilities for Your Samsung Mobile is Important to You, Your Mobile Phone is Also A Prestige Object for You?

Then, the Samsung mobile Galaxy S4 is the right Samsung phone for you! The Galaxy S4 is the most successful and popular Samsung phone. It has very good facilities and thanks to an intuitive control system, this Samsung phone is very easy to use. The Galaxy S4 has a 12.7 cm full HD Super AMOLED touch screen display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and LTE capable. The camera of the Galaxy S4 has an image stabilizer and face detection and absorbs two perspectives at the same time with dual shot.

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Are You Addicted to Mobile Phone? Test It With the Free App Menthal!

Do you know how often you keep your phone in your hand every day? Or how many times you look after someone has sent you a message or how many messages you actually every day sending with your mobile? Recently, all Android Smartphone users can check whether they are addicted to mobile. And test it with what? Well, of course with their mobile phone and a free app, the app Menthal.

With the free app Menthal, developed by computer scientists and psychologists of the University of Bonn, mobile phone users can check their cell phone usage patterns. For example with the app Menthal, you can check how many times someone activated the screen of his cell phone. The app Menthal helps not only to check your phone behaviour, it is also part of a large-scale research. The developers of the app Menthal promise is thus more reliable data on the subject of cell phone use. The app Menthal deliver reliable data, so Alexander Markowetz, Assistant Professor of computer science at the University of Bonn for the first time, because the app can show in detail how the average mobile phone consumption per day turns out. Who wants to use the app Menthal, need a Smartphone that runs on at least the Android version 4.0. An Apple and a Windows version is not planning.

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US Campaign: Microsoft Exchange iPhones Against Lumia Devices

Nokia smartphones and Windows phone operating system should become more attractive in the United States–which wants to force Microsoft Exchange action. March 2nd owner of one functional iPhone 4, iPhone 4 s or Samsung Galaxy S2 may submit your Smartphone in the stores, they get a new Nokia device. The Lumia 1020 and the megapixel Monster Lumia are 1520 to the election. The Exchange action but has a hook: who wants to have one of the Nokia smartphones, must with the provider AT & T contract cell, which has a term of at least two years.

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Crowdfunding Jewels: Cool Smartphone Lenses and More

We present you each week the mobile highlights of Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo Startnext: today smart Chargers, pallet lenses for smartphones and a surprising bracelet.

Strongvolt Smartcharger – Solar Charger

The solar chargers from StrongVolt are expected to continue the charging process automatically – unlike on the models already available – even with overcast skies. Choose between six different sizes with capacities from 3 to 18 watts. The prices range between 35 and 140 US dollars plus shipping costs in the amount of $30. Equivalent rates of approximately 48 to 125 euro arise. The funding period ends on 11 February 2014.

Moment – Push Lens for Smartphones

The moment push lenses for smartphones fit on all iPhone models since the iPhone 4, the second generation iPad and select Android models (Galaxy S2, S3 and S4 nexus 4 and 5). A wide angle and a telephoto lens for each $ 49 or $ 99 in the package are available. The shipping costs or $25, 20, meaning equivalent rates of 51 and 91 euro. Pre-orders are still possible until 13 February 2014.

Jump – Smartphone Ladgegerät with Built in Rechargeable Battery

This charging cable for Smartphones has an own battery that with auflaedt when loading a device itself. The battery of the jump to return the iPhone 5 seconds up to one-third of its energy. For $ 40 plus $10 shipping the slightly different charger on the way makes to you. Equivalent, it cost about 37 euros. Until February 13, 2014, you can pre-order the charging cable with lightning – or micro-USB connector.

Athena – Bracelet with Integrated Charger and USB-Stick

A charging and data transfer cable, and a Flash memory with a capacity of 8 GB – is all of them waterproof in this chic leather bracelet. Athena stands still until 14 February 2014 for pre-order available in two variants with lightning – or micro-USB connector. Cost including shipping for both: $ 30, so approximately 22 euro.