Xperia Tablet with 2K Display

2016-2-26 Xperia Tablet with 2K Display

Xperia ™ Z4 Tablet

  • 2 k-display
  • 17 hours of movie viewing on a charge
  • Waterproof to 1.5 meters depth


Created for entertainment

The waterproof Xperia ™ Z4 Tablet is the world’s lightest 10 inch tablet. With the ultra thin design is both lighter and thinner than the Xperia ™ Z2 Tablet. And, unlike its predecessor, requires the Xperia ™ Z4 Tablet no cover, dækkerUSB port, making it easier to charge.


2K display

Xperia ™ Z4 Tablet has a 10.1 “large TRILUMINOS ™ LCD with Live Color LED technology for clearer and naturligere shades. The display has 2560 x 1600 resolutions, 2 k, which gives an incredible level of detail. Moreover, it is the entire 40 percent brighter than its predecessor the Xperia ™ Z2 Tablet. Combined with the IPS technique guarantees you an incredible viewing experience regardless of ambient light and angle.


17 hours of movie viewing on a charge

The powerful 6000 mAh battery allows you to show movies for up to 17 hours on a single charge. Mail, surf and use your apps – your battery lasts all day. Xperia ™ Z4 Tablet is also equipped with Battery STAMINA Mode, which automatically turn the features off, as you do not use, when the Tablet stands on standby so that your battery lasts longer.


Waterproof to 1.5 meters depth

Xperia ™ Z4 Tablet has the impressive rating IP65/IP68. It implies that it is both waterproof and can withstand the smallest dust particles. Xperia ™ Z4 Tablet is performing without a hitch a ride in the bathroom sink, and if it gets dirty, simply rinse it off under the faucet. You can enddatage pictures under water. Xperia ™ Z4 Tablet withstands lying in fresh water for up to 30 minutes at 1.5 m depth.


Surf without interruptions

Xperia ™ Z4 Tablet is equipped with the latest Qualcomm ® Snapdragon ™ 810 processor. The advanced 64-bit processor with eight cores gives you up to 50 percent faster speed compared to previous processors, while saving you battery. Run multiple apps at the same time, surf and stream video without delay.


Your mobile office


Xperia ™ Z4 Tablet is suitable for both work and leisure. Connect it directly to a printer or a projector, or use it in conjunction with a wireless keyboard from Sony to turn your tablet into a mobile office.

Here are the 7 most important sales arguments for Xperia ™ Z4 Tablet weighted in numerical order. The most important information is marked with an underline.

10.1 “TRILUMINOS ™ LCD with Live color LED, as well as IPS screen technology for better field of vision. 2 k-display (2560 × 1,600).

Powerful 6000 mAh battery and Battery STAMINA Mode, which gives you up to 5 hours of video playback.

Waterproof and can withstand dust (IP65 and IP68) scratch-resistant glass and coating that protects against fingerprints.

Qualcomm ® Snapdragon ™ 810 processor, 64-bits, ottekernet, 2 Ghz with 3 GB RAM.

6.1 mm thin and only 389 g (4 g version: 393 g).

built technique for digital elimination of noise (Digital Noice Cancellation). Now there are no fighting required earphones for thousands of dollars.

Support for PS4 ™ Remote Play, stream your PlayStation4-games anywhere in the home.


iPhone as A pioneer of Communication

Transparent HD Screen Protector with Shatter-Proof PET for iPhone 5S White Screen Protector with Bubble-Free Tempered Glass for iPhone 55S5C

The iPhones were not the first technological drumbeat of Apple founder Steve Jobs, but the worldwide bestseller par excellence. Were the products of Apple to date the preferred candidate staunch Insider, the iPhone continued to the global forefront of buyers favor. The unbeatable argument is that the devices offer a self-contained system. With self-confidence offer the mobile devices all-round concepts between multimedia, music collections in iTunes store and severe data speed.


iPhones – top performance with top products


The current models of iPhones mainly differ in their storage capacity. Apple relies exclusively on the internal memory: 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB – with on-site integration of the space is above all: safe and self-sufficient. Here you can see for example the current iphone 5s with LTE (4G), Apple iOS and 8.0 megapixel cameras. Check out the latest models here.

Modern and Multifunctional Smart Watches

Multi-functional Bluetooth Smart Watch1.55 LCD Touch Screen 5 Color Options Touch Screen Smart Watch Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Function

Smart watches are modern and multifunctional watches that offer next to the time many other functions. The result is the portmanteau by the assembly of the two English terms and Smartphone watch. The functionality of your , you can expand depending on the operating system and model by various apps – from getting your emails through to measuring sporting activities – and even photographing digital images is possible. For details on the data transfer options are available in the product description.


Smart watches and designs


Select can in the online shop between smartwatches, which are based on classic watch design or seem rather futuristic. The display is touch screen, through which you can control the functions. If a slot for a SIM card present, the smart watch is seperately to call. Here you will also find matching bracelets as accessories, so that the appearance at the end completely matches your requirements.

Microsoft Lumia 550 Smartphone for Pregnancy

Touch Screen for Nokia Lumia 625 16 Million Colors 480 × 800 Resolution TFT

Discover Windows 10 at an affordable price. With 4 g LTE, simple multitasking and the brand new Microsoft Edge-browser you get things done faster.

4.7 “screen-HD720 (1280 x 720)

5 MP Huvudkamerasensor

4 g LTE Nætverk 2

2100 mAh-up to 28 days of standby time

8 GB Internal massehukommelse1


A better office experience

Lumia 550 has the latest version of the Office Web apps you care about. Word, Excel and Powerpoint are optimized for mobile use. They work well on the phone and with the powerful editing tools included, makes the new Outlook Mail app it’s easy to get a handle on your emails while you’re on the go.


Work anywhere

With Windows 10 on your Lumia 550, you can access the same Microsoft services and apps, as you know from your laptop. Free OneDrive storage to keep documents secure in the cloud and the freedom to edit them on the phone.



Back up and access favorite photos and important documents on the go



Take advantage of rich text editing and a new Office experience to suit your Lumia 550-screen


Faster and easier

Lumia 550 is designed for 4 g LTE, so you get megahurtig data connection and more. Multitasking is Super light across all open apps with Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor, and the Nice 4.7 “HD display for viewing of documents and images at an affordable price.

Touch Screen Replacement Compatible with Nokia Lumia 620 Black Frame


Easy multi-tasking

With the latest Qualcomm ® Snapdragon ™ quad-core processor and 1 GB RAM

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Cat S30 Smartphone Review

HUAWEI Honor X1 Android Phone 7 inch TFT Hisilicon Kirin 910 Quad-Core 1.5GHz

Easy-grip design

Glove-on working technology

Oil & grease resistant

Water, dust & drop proof


IP68 and Mil-Spec 810 g certified, the Cat ® S30 has been drop tested to 1.8 M and ice water, dust and shock proof. A no-nonsense tough phone built two with able a rugged lifestyle.



Long battery life is an essential feature amongst Cat phone users and the S30 doesn’t disappoint. Our largest Cat phones battery yet will give you up to 12hrs talk-time and an incredible 19 days stand-by time.

Coolpad 9976A Smart Phone 7.0 Inch Octa-Core Android 4.2 System 3G Phone


The S30 comes with a brand new trademark nonslip design, built two minimise drops and accidents even when wearing gloves. A balanced, ergonomic design fits right in the palm of your hand.



The latest generation of Cat phones features a dual design, combining physical buttons with a Corning Gorilla Glass touchscreen so you get the best of both worlds. Perfect for gloves, fumbling fingers or those getting two grips with a smartphone for the first time.