Will iPhone users could pay with iPhone 6?

Apple launches iPhone 6 on 9. September, and ever more information on the flagship op. According to the Financial Times and Bloomsberg gets iPhone 6 a new feature which will make it possible to pay with it.

iPhone 6 NFC

iPhone 6 NFC

It looks as if Apple rates on mobile payments, and thanks to the various cooperation agreements between Apple and other companies, one can conclude that it is very likely that Apple will launch iPhone 6 with a solution for mobile payment. According to rumors, Apple has signed agreements with MasterCard, Visa and American Express, while sources tell the iPhone 6 will be a sort of “pocket book” through a collaboration between Apple and the major payment operators. It can be possible thanks to the NFC technology.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication “, and is a wireless transmission method – devices with NFC can communicate quickly with each other, and you can read NFC chip. NFC can be used in different ways, and some of the most popular examples is the sharing of content between the two devices, Smart Posters (smart posters) and various debit cards. It is not something new, as Android users are already familiar with the practical aspects of NFC as bank payments, customer cards, discount vouchers, tickets, gift certificates and more.

Since the iPhone has not supported the NFC before, becomes the a nice surprise for iPhone users, if the iPhone 6 will support NFC.

Safety is a priority, but many analysts believe that the NFC payment is totally safe, and it looks like it will be NXP, a company from the Netherlands, which would provide special chips to secure payment.

iPhone 6 coming in just over 31 hours, and then everything will be revealed! In the meantime, you can read more about the card reader for  iPhone 6 here.

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