TT-2 Turntable Record Player in Retro Style

TT-2 is a serious Hi-Fi record player with exclusive glass-plate plate. Here you get high audio quality and, at the same time, a simple and functional design. A well-playing Ortofon pickup is mounted from the factory. Available in black and white finish.

Argon TT-2 – simple, delicious and well-playing Hi-Fi record player

TT-2 Turntable Record Player

Exclusive platter in glass
Nice sound quality
Comes ready with pickup (Ortofon OM5e)
Simple and solid construction
Available in both black and white finish

According to, TT-2 is a solid high-fidelity turntable with exclusive platter in glass. TT-2 is belt-driven, and all operation is done manually – a serious solution, as both promise long-lasting, trouble-free operation and great sound quality for affordable money.

A well-playing Ortofon OM5e pickup is mounted from the factory, so you are running with the same. When the needle is worn, you can buy a new needles efforts separately instead of replacing the entire pickup lens.

TT-2 is available in black and white finish. Dust cover is included.

Product description
Delicious technical details
TT-2 is a completed quality turntable with serious technical solutions everywhere. Tonearm and pickup-house is done out in one in aluminum, and the terrific beautiful glass-plate plate gives an exclusive look that you don’t usually encounter in this price range.

Super simple structure
Please be advised that switching over between 33 and 45 rpm requires you to manually move the strap on the drive. You must also make sure to start and stop playback. On the other hand, you can enjoy that they saved automation-money goes directly into the sound quality and super delicious design.

Technical specifications
Category: Vintage Record Player
Automaticity: No
Drive: Rem
Speeds: 33/45 rpm/min
Pickup: MM (Ortofon OM5e)
RIAA-amplifier: no
Color: Black or white
Size: 42.0 x 11.2 x 33.0 cm (Wxhxd)
Weight: 4.0 kg
Platter: glass
Tone arm 8.6 “in aluminum
Effective arm length: 21.9 cm
Effective arm massage: 8.0 g
Ortofon can be purchased separately
Energy consumption (on mode): 4.5 watts

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