Tips: How To Improve Smartphone Battery Life

Regardless of which mobile you are using, it is always fine with slightly better battery life. Sometimes it becomes slowly with battery, and you have to answer anything or call anyone. And maybe you are just irritated by that charge your smartphone over and over again …

Here comes some tips which can help:-)


Get better battery life!

1. The battery more often

It to charge the Smartphone when it is almost empty, it is not a good idea. When the charging mode is lower than 40 percent, have your phone try more. Therefore, the life of the battery also increases up to 25 times, if you don’t “stress” your phone with full of-and charging.

2. Your phone uses more energy to vibrate than calling!

If it is not necessary – then turn vibrations off.

3. Disable apps running in the background

Beat all the apps from which you do not need, and the battery life will be improved.

4. Turn down the brightness

It is easy to do, and you probably do not need full brightness on your phone, I suppose?

5. Turn off all unnecessary warnings from

If you turn on message services off, you can save battery capacity.

6. JuiceDefender to Android (and similar apps for iOS and Windows Phone)

Such apps optimizes battery usage, and is a clever way to get better battery life.

7. Remove all unnecessary widgets

Widgets can be handy, but the swallows the battery! This applies particularly weather widgets – and maybe it’s smart to check the weather when you want, instead of letting weather widgets swallow your battery all the time.

8. Sometimes it’s better with a new battery

If your mobile battery does not work as well, or if it is too old – it will commonly be wiser to get a new battery, than to use the old.

P.s. Here is more power saving tips for Android phone.

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