Practical Tips for a Better FaceTime Experience on iPhone

Today we write about FaceTime – learn how you can use FaceTime on a smarter way!

FaceTime tips and tricks

FaceTime for beginners: how to enable it FaceTime?

Depending on your OS device, you can turn on FaceTime in several ways:

Activate FaceTime on an iPhone

Go to settings and turn it on FaceTime, >. FaceTime will begin with a registration. Remember to sign in with your Apple ID in order to use mail with FaceTime.

You can open the app from the Home screen.

Activate FaceTime on an iPad or iPod touch

Go to settings and turn it on FaceTime, >. Sign in with your Apple ID

You can open the app from the Home screen.

How do you use FaceTime-video conversation?

It can be done in several ways, but it is always quite easily. While you are started with a phone call, simply press the FaceTime icon to invite another person to a FaceTime-video conversation.
You can start a video call by using the list of contacts, or by pressing the video icon in the app itself. And finally, you can press the FaceTime icon when you select one of the contacts in the contact list.

How to use audio conversation in FaceTime?

You can either press the phone icon in the FaceTime app or you can select a contact in the contact list on your device and then press the FaceTime-phone icon there.

Other practical FaceTime-tips

This is how you customize FaceTime-view

You can easily customize view: you just need to tap lightly on the main screen and control buttons and icons disappear, so you can easily view them you’re talking with. Bridgat states, in addition, you can move the “selfiebilledet” which will be shown during the interview. Just drag the image over the screen and you can move it to one of the corners.

Mute function: Mute audio or video during the FaceTime-conversation

Sometimes you need a moment to take a short break during the interview, so you can do something else, but you do not want to “hang on”, and then call back, etc. So it is good to remember that you can mute the sound or video:

To mute the sound, press the microphone icon on the screen – just a little MUTE indicator then appears, and tells you about the conversation status.
To mute the video itself, so just press the home button. The person you talk to will see a “Pause” message, while lydsamtalen will continue.

Now you can use FaceTime both easier and smarter;)

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