How do you get better emoji on the iPhone?

Apple’s emoji keyboard is really nice and a lot of us like it, but recently there appeared a new solution that is even better and gives you faster ways using the emoji on. So lift your emoji-experience to a new level by meeting the Emoji ++ – a even better emoji-solution for your iPhone!
All organized in one list

Emoji ++ for iPhone

If you are accustomed to Apple keyboard, it is sometimes quite annoying when you have to flip through the pages to find the picture symbol you need. This problem is solved by using the Emoji ++ from David Smith, since this app has only one list. Here are other improvements:

Symbols is greater
You can favorite brand symbols
You have your own list of the most recently used emoji symbols
Better organization of categories – 10 categories

Are you convinced that the new keyboard is even better than your current? So you should give it a try. Emoji ++ install how to: download the app (it costs 7 us), go to Settings General > > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add new keyboard. You can then using emojis by pressing the globe icon and select Emoji ++.

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