Gevey Turbo SIM Card to iPhone 4

Remote SIM card blocking, and use just the operator you want to.

Unlock your iPhone 4 up quickly and easily with bridgat! Gevey Turbo SIM is a small adapter to install on your iPhone 4. This card is very easy to use. Just follow the included guide and your iPhone 4 will be locked up in a matter of a minute.

Gevey Turbo SIM Card

Gevey Turbo SIM Card

What benefits do I get with Gevey Turbo SIM card?

1. You don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone 4
2. It is easy to install the new SIM card holder
3. You can install it yourself
4. You can unlock your iPhone 4 up without having to update your software

Gevey SIM & iPhone iOS

Gevey SIM can be used with the latest software. This means that even iOS 4.3 can be unlocked by using Gevey Turbo SIM card. It works with the following firmware versions for iPhone 4:
# Firmware 4.1 (baseband 2.10.04)
# Firmware 4.2.1 (baseband 3.10.01)
# Firmware 4.3 (baseband 4.10.01)

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