Galaxy S5 Coming on 23. February

After countless rumors relating to the heir of the aspirations to the Galaxy S4, we’ve got some more concrete information. And it seems that Samsung Galaxy S5 comes earlier than the previous year’s top model. Thanks to a Russian Analyst Eldar Murtazin, which already is known for its great predictions regarding Samsung’s models, we were told that the next Galaxy will blivei launched on 23 April. February, a day before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The launch will be held under a special “Unpacked” Conference, as with other Galaxy-top models.

Samsung Galaxy S 5

Galaxy S5

Eldar Murtazin claims that the price will be the same as for Galaxy S4 and that it will be available in late April.

When it comes to specifications, there was much talk about the cell phone, but most believe that the upcoming phone will not use this technology which, because it is not practical. There are several reasons for it: Sunglasses can prevent use of the system, one must hold the phone very close to the eye and can cause problems if you want to unlock the phone up in the dark.

Therefore, we can expect to find fingerprint sensor which is likely to be below the screen. It is no news, because the iPhone and HTC One 5S Max already use this technology.

Welcome you to the new S5?

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