Envaya Wireless Speakers

Envaya is the perfect companion to all your mobile music. Both sound and finish is in the class, and with Bluetooth and built-in battery, you can play music anywhere you have a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet at your fingertips. White or black.

Envaya Wireless Speakers

Highlights of the Denon Envaya – compact wireless speaker with Bluetooth, battery operation and smart design

  • Nice finish and great sound quality for the size
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with up to 10 hours of playtime
  • Front fabric in four different colors included
  • Prompt Bluetooth pairing with the NFC – requires only a single contact

Envaya is a smart, compact and unusually accomplished wireless speakers with built-in rechargeable battery. With Bluetooth and up to 10 hours of battery life, you can play music anywhere you have a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet at your fingertips. Right to take with you to the beach, on the camping trip or in the cottage.

Envaya is deliciously designed and built, and seriously for a product of this type you will get a sound quality that both you and your music can be satisfied with. Here you are on a completely different level than with most other Bluetooth micro loudspeakers, as in many cases it sounds even worse than the speaker in your mobile. It should be ultra compact and still sounds of real music, Envaya is a very good choice. As an added bonus included front fabric in four different colors, so you can always match the design to your mood and your surroundings.

The chic back support folds in and out with a single touch, and with its flat and smooth design glides easily into a backpack or Envaya a small travel suitcase. The super easy setup get ready to play wireless music in an instant, even if it is one of the friends who have music with on his smartphone. Together with a number of newer mobile players, you get even NFC-mating, so you just need to transfer the player – your smartphone – to Envaya a brief moment and then automatically connected.

Denon Envaya is available in black or high gloss white finish. Front fabric in four different colors included.

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