Envaya Mini Wireless Speaker

Envaya Mini is a ultra compact Bluetooth wireless speaker, as you always have space to take with you on the go. It is deliciously built and gives you a much better audio experience than if you settle for the speaker in your mobile. White or black.

Envaya Mini Wireless Speaker

Highlights of the Denon Envaya Mini – ultra compact wireless speaker with Bluetooth and battery operation

  • Smart, ultra compact and water-resistant design perfect for mobile use
  • Phone function with built-in microphone
  • Works both with smartphone, tablet, mobile and PC/Mac
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with up to 10 hours of playtime
  • Prompt Bluetooth pairing with the NFC – requires only a single contact

Denon Envaya Mini – ultra compact wireless speaker with Bluetooth and battery operation
Envaya Mini is a smart and ultra compact Bluetooth wireless speaker, which belongs naturally at home in a backpack or a smaller travel suitcase. The super easy setup get ready to play wireless music in an instant, and it can be paired with two players at the same time. Then you can sit together with a friend and play music on a rotating basis from each your smartphone. The design is water-resistant, so the speaker does not go in black, just because it gets a few raindrops or stand on the shelf in your bathroom.

With Envaya Mini you can get a much better audio than if you settle for your built-in mobile or PC speakers. As an added bonus have speaker built-in microphone, so you also can use it for phone calls with your smartphone or mobile. You can control the volume via push-buttons, and you can enjoy the elegant and solid Denon design.

Only for small music experiences!
You have no plan to use this tiny speaker as a replacement for a true Hi-Fi, surely? You run the risk of serious damage to your music experience. This is a mobile product, which is created to provide you with the places where the music at any cost should be easy. For example, on the road, on the beach or in your hotel room.

Used in this way, you can get lots of pleasure from Envaya Mini. Like everything else in Hi-Fi Klubben is the for properly built and gives you the best possible quality for the size and price.

Denon Envaya Mini is available in black or white finish.

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