DAB3 + V5 DAB/FM Table Radio Plus Alarm

DAB3 + v5 is an extremely versatile table radio with DAB +, FM and wireless music playback via Bluetooth. With two built-in speakers you get nice and rich stereo sound, and you can choose between elegant lacquered finish or real wood veneer.

Highlights of Argon DAB3 + v5 – versatile table radio with DAB +, FM, stereo speakers and Bluetooth

  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Nice finish in lacquer or real wood veneer
  • Elegant OLED display with dimming function
  • Both FM and DAB (incl. DAB +)

DAB3 + v5 is the large and extra versatile version of the Hi-Fi Club’s own DAB/FM radio. Here you get both radio and built-in Bluetooth capability, so you can wirelessly stream all your music from the smartphone, tablet, mobile, PC and Mac. You therefore have both a universal radio and an accomplished wireless speakers for all your portable music including streaming services such as Spotify, WiMP and others.

Two speakers for extra nice sound
Unlike the smaller Argon DAB3 + v5 radios are equipped with two built-in speakers, so you can enjoy all the delights of stereo without connecting the radio to your facility. The larger Cabinet and the slightly larger speakers will give you a nice and rich sound, and you can still plug in your MP3 player in the back and let the whole family listen in on your portable music collection.

With the possibility to choose from genuine wood veneer or lacquered finish you may subtly combine high tech and retro.

DAB3 + v5 supports DAB + format.

DAB3 + V5 FM Table Radio Plus Alarm

A truly universal solution
On the front of DAB3 + v5, you’ll find it clear and elegant OLED display, the necessary buttons and two retro-balanced full-range speakers, which gives you a nice and rich sound in stereo. DAB3 + v5 is also equipped with line input so you can connect your portable player to Breeze to the radio. You only need a simple minijack cable in order to get the music out of the room.

Similarly, you can unplug DAB3 + v5 for your stationary installations and enjoy DAB radio in large format. And if you should want to listen completely undisturbed on your headphones, you can of course also connect them.

Easy operation
DAB3 + v5 is extremely easy to operate. Press the auto-tune and all available DAB stations will be quickly loaded. On DAB band you will find stations by using the name instead of a frequency that you never can remember – a huge relief in daily life. Both DAB and FM, you can encode your favorite channels (presets), so they are always easy to find. And with RDS RadioText/you can also see the name after loading on FM stations, if they support this feature.

Clock-radio and alarm
Do you want to fall asleep and wake again to your favorite music or the latest news? No problem – you can quite easily set DAB3 + v5 on internetages.com to wake you up with either radio or alarm signal. You can also use the alarm in the kitchen, so that you are notified when the Turkey out of the oven. You read the time on the clear display, which can also be set to display other information: program title/artist on the current track, and more.

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