4 Myths And Truths About The Tablet And Mobile Batteries

“Battery problems” has become something we focus on, when it comes to smartphones, tablets or laptops. Today we write more about some myths and rumors about batteries.

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We’ve talked with our experienced technicians here, and got answers to some of the most common questions about batteries.

# 1 It is better to charge the battery after it has been emptied

Wrong. Modern batteries are Lithium-ion batteries (also called for Li-ion and LIB), and there is no “memory effect”, which means that you don’t have to worry about the battery, if you want to charge the device. It’s fine to charge the battery at any time.

# 2 It is bad for the battery, if you don’t take the charger out after the phone is fully charged

Wrong. As we have already mentioned, is modern batteries Li-ion. Lithium-ion batteries automatically keeps up with the charge when they are filled up.

# 3 it’s ok to use your phone while it is charging

Both right and wrong. Really is it ok to use the device while it is charging, and when we say “ok”, so we believe that it is not dangerous in any way (although there are many stories about exploding batteries). But it is also not ideal. It would be best to turn the device off during charging, and to avoid draining the battery.

# 4 It is well to drain the battery completely before you charge your phone

Wrong. It’s not really ideal. We recommend not to let the battery get below 5% each time, before you charge your phone. If you do this for a longer period of time, this can actually shorten battery life.

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