Envaya Wireless Speakers

Envaya is the perfect companion to all your mobile music. Both sound and finish is in the class, and with Bluetooth and built-in battery, you can play music anywhere you have a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet at your fingertips. White or black.

Envaya Wireless Speakers

Highlights of the Denon Envaya – compact wireless speaker with Bluetooth, battery operation and smart design

  • Nice finish and great sound quality for the size
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with up to 10 hours of playtime
  • Front fabric in four different colors included
  • Prompt Bluetooth pairing with the NFC – requires only a single contact

Envaya is a smart, compact and unusually accomplished wireless speakers with built-in rechargeable battery. With Bluetooth and up to 10 hours of battery life, you can play music anywhere you have a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet at your fingertips. Right to take with you to the beach, on the camping trip or in the cottage.

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DAB Tuner Adapter2

DAB Adapter2 is a smart and economical solution to get DAB radio on your existing site. You get a complete DAB/DAB + tuner with presets, display, clock and many other functions without having to get another large appliance in the bookcase. Remote control included.

DAB Tuner Adapter2

Highlights of Argon DAB Adapter2 – easy and stylish DAB/DAB + radio to your facility

  • Fine sound and easy operation without network setup
  • Compact and stylish design with easy-to-read LCD display
  • Both analog and digital audio output (optical)
  • Remote control included
  • 12V trigger out for auto-on/off with compatible amplifiers/receivers
  • Together with Vintage Desktop Radio from INTERNETAGES

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Tips for Repairing the Screen on iPhone 5

Have you broken your iPhone 5 screen? How can you save your iPhone!

Replace screen on iPhone 5

Although it may seem difficult, it is not so difficult to change your screen on an iPhone – just follow our guide:

What to use to replace an iPhone 5 screen?

First and foremost you must buy the opening tool – a sucker with a ring to withdraw the screen of a plectrum, some plastic tweezers, a Phillips screwdriver and a pentalobe screwdriver. We recommend you to buy a opening toolkits, so you get everything you need to use one in a package.

Finally, you of course have a iPhone 5 screen, and we recommend you to buy the screen which has sensor, home button, speaker and front camera – it’s a bit more expensive than just buying the screen, but if you only buy the screen, you must move the components we mentioned, and the process is more complicated (you must use heating and melting of the adhesive). On our pages you can find spare parts for iPhone 5.

How to repair a shattered screen on iPhone 5

  1. Start with the two bottom screws (they sit at the bottom of your iPhone). Use pentalobe-strue this electric towing tractor. Make sure you don’t lose the screws, as they are very small.
  2. Drag the screen up with the suction cup – it is done by trekking in the end where the home button sits on the phone’s casing.
  3. You should put into a plectrum or a plastic tweezers into the slot between the screen and the phone’s chassis with the same. Work gently with strumming around the corners, and then up on to the screen is loose. Remember that the iPhone’s screen is attached to the phone’s casing at the top (by the speaker) – therefore, you should not force the strumming quite there up.
  4. Let the screen be 90 degrees out from the phone’s casing. At the top there are some thin cables you must loosen until you can take the screen completely, then open it no more, until you have sorted this.
  5. Now you need to loosen a metal shield over the contacts – unscrew the three screws of the metal shield is attached with. Here, you use the small Phillips screwdriver. Make sure you don’t lose the screws!
  6. Take a look at one of the small hooks, which makes that the shield will be standing after you have removed the screws. How to fasten it again, so beware that you do not bend any, and do not use force to remove it after the screws are removed.
  7. There are three small ribbon cables that need to be loosened – use a plastic tool and check them carefully. The cables are located partially on top of each other. Remember that you need to attach the new cables in reverse order.
    Now you can remove the broken screen. You can attach the flat cables in the contacts, and beware of the barbs in the screen – they must later into a trace at the top of the phone’s casing.
  8. Gently squeeze the cables into place in the reverse order of you it has loosened them. be extra cautious and patient. Beware that you are not pushing too much though it may be a little difficult to get the cables in the right position. Try several times and remember that it is easier when the first one is in place.
  9. Mount the shield again – be careful that you do not damage the flat cables with sharp edges. Hang the hooks first, and set the first of the three screws on the opposite side. Here, you use the same Phillips screwdriver as in step 5.
  10. Put the screen gently down against the phone’s casing. (Make sure that the hooks on the screen is in the tracks on the phone’s casing). If you want, you can turn off your phone to check if everything is working before you screw the screen in place.
  11. Unscrew the two bottom screws with the small screwdriver pentalobe. That’s it.

Will iPhone users could pay with iPhone 6?

Apple launches iPhone 6 on 9. September, and ever more information on the flagship op. According to the Financial Times and Bloomsberg gets iPhone 6 a new feature which will make it possible to pay with it.

iPhone 6 NFC

iPhone 6 NFC

It looks as if Apple rates on mobile payments, and thanks to the various cooperation agreements between Apple and other companies, one can conclude that it is very likely that Apple will launch iPhone 6 with a solution for mobile payment. According to rumors, Apple has signed agreements with MasterCard, Visa and American Express, while sources tell the iPhone 6 will be a sort of “pocket book” through a collaboration between Apple and the major payment operators. It can be possible thanks to the NFC technology.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication “, and is a wireless transmission method – devices with NFC can communicate quickly with each other, and you can read NFC chip. NFC can be used in different ways, and some of the most popular examples is the sharing of content between the two devices, Smart Posters (smart posters) and various debit cards. It is not something new, as Android users are already familiar with the practical aspects of NFC as bank payments, customer cards, discount vouchers, tickets, gift certificates and more.

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Choose or Choose Not Your Star Wars Accessories-There Is No Try

In the course of a lifetime, we are seeing a lot of movies, and most of them go into oblivion. But then there are the films that for one reason or another, makes a special impression on one, and that you will never forget. Some of these timeless film gems can be seen again and again and is just as good now as they were recording for 30 years ago. We are talking about movies like the Godfather, Some Like It Hot, the Back To The Future, Hair, Lord Of The Rings, The Wizard of Oz, and of course: Star Wars.

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Bluetooth – The Easy Solution For Wireless Music

Bluetooth gives you access to stream all your music wirelessly, including streaming services (Spotify, WiMP, etc.), YouTube sound and of course your own music collection. Via Mini Jack input you can connect an external audio source, an iPod shuffle or another MP3 player.

Setup — mating — with the player can in many cases be handled via NFC (Near Field Communication), so you just have to keep your player to Envaya Mini a brief moment is automatically connected. If your player does not support this feature, you choose the just in the Bluetooth menu as usual. You can pair the two devices with Envaya Mini at once, so you and a friend can play your favorite numbers on a rotating basis, without that in all the time to start over with the Setup. So it will be extra nice to gather around the music.

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Choiix Power Fort External Battery From Cooler Master

Cooler Master is best known for his series of cool laptop bags. Now, the company has unveiled a new external battery, designed to give extra life to almost all portable devices that use USB to charge. The product called Choiix Power Fort 5.5 Wt.


The small battery is about the size of an iPhone and have a 1A USB charger port at the bottom that works with all kinds of equipment such as GPS, PDA, mobile phones, and it must also support the IPAD. When you put the Cooler Master to a GPS device, you get about 6 hours of extra life. Smartphones get about 8 hours of use and iPods can be used for additional 48 hours. As Cooler Master can been a very useful iPod accessories or iPhone accessories.

The unit is very slim and portable and the internal 5.5 Whr battery can be recharged up to 300 times. Rates and availability are unknown.

Plugbug Chargers From Twelve South Takes On A World Tour

PlugBug World from Twelve South are made for those who often travel, and is the perfect companion for those who require maximum comfortable transport of their devices, which must be recharged daily.

Plugbug Chargers From Twelve South Takes On A World Tour

PlugBug World charger
With five different international plug, you can quickly charge your iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPad mini and Mac no matter where you are in the world (Continental Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan and many other countries). This product costs $3.90. Is it worth the price? Yes, when you consider the quality of the product (the usual high quality from Twelve South), the comfortable transport, practical use and the possibility of using five adaptors for international electrical outlet.

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DAB1 + v5 DAB/FM Record Players

DAB1 + v5 is the basic version of the Hi-Fi Club’s own popular DAB +/, and it gives you a stylish design, fine sound and easy operation. You’ll also get RDS RadioText on/FM and delicious OLED display with Dim function. Several finishes.

Vintage Style Radio
Highlights of Argon DAB1 + v5 – Hi-Fi Club’s own DAB/FM radio

  • Fine sound and easy operation
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Elegant OLED display with dimming function from computergees.com
  • Both the FM (with RDS RadioText/) and DAB/DAB +
  • Mini-Jack connector for iPod, smartphone or other external audio sources

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4 Myths And Truths About The Tablet And Mobile Batteries

“Battery problems” has become something we focus on, when it comes to smartphones, tablets or laptops. Today we write more about some myths and rumors about batteries.

Mobile battery

We’ve talked with our experienced technicians here, and got answers to some of the most common questions about batteries.

# 1 It is better to charge the battery after it has been emptied

Wrong. Modern batteries are Lithium-ion batteries (also called for Li-ion and LIB), and there is no “memory effect”, which means that you don’t have to worry about the battery, if you want to charge the device. It’s fine to charge the battery at any time.

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Envaya Mini Wireless Speaker

Envaya Mini is a ultra compact Bluetooth wireless speaker, as you always have space to take with you on the go. It is deliciously built and gives you a much better audio experience than if you settle for the speaker in your mobile. White or black.

Envaya Mini Wireless Speaker

Highlights of the Denon Envaya Mini – ultra compact wireless speaker with Bluetooth and battery operation

  • Smart, ultra compact and water-resistant design perfect for mobile use
  • Phone function with built-in microphone
  • Works both with smartphone, tablet, mobile and PC/Mac
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with up to 10 hours of playtime
  • Prompt Bluetooth pairing with the NFC – requires only a single contact

Denon Envaya Mini – ultra compact wireless speaker with Bluetooth and battery operation
Envaya Mini is a smart and ultra compact Bluetooth wireless speaker, which belongs naturally at home in a backpack or a smaller travel suitcase. The super easy setup get ready to play wireless music in an instant, and it can be paired with two players at the same time. Then you can sit together with a friend and play music on a rotating basis from each your smartphone. The design is water-resistant, so the speaker does not go in black, just because it gets a few raindrops or stand on the shelf in your bathroom.

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New Otterbox and IvySkin Bags for iPhone 4

OtterBox and IvySkin have both presented new additions to its series with iPhone 4 Accessories, Commuter Series Case and front desk Case Color.
OtterBox Commuter Series Case new ´ offers three different layers of protection and it is designed to protect your iPhone from scratches, shocks and dust. With this bag users still get full access to all iPhones buttons and features. Commuter Series Case is available in black color.

The new Reception Case Color is designed according to the original Reception Case, but is now available in up to 10 different colors. The new version is designed to hide like the old iPhones built-in antenna, and is approximately 0.6 mm thick.

Mobile bag is accessible in the following colors: Phantom Black, White Avalanche, USARed, USABlue, HotPink, Aqua, SPeedYellow, Gogreen, Pinkberry and Platinum Silver.

Here are the 3 best tablets from 2015!

Tablets are becoming increasingly popular. Every day we use them both at work and in free time thanks to the great functionality and practical design.

Google Nexus 7 2

Google Nexus from 2015

Google Nexus from 2015

Thanks to a good price on it to get and good specifications on Google Nexus 7 2, is this powerful tablet in third place. Nexus 7 2 has a main camera of 5 megapixels, and a front camera at 1.2 megapixels and running Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) which can be upgraded up to 4.4.2 (KitKat). Get this product on bridgat.

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Nokia 701 With The World’s Brightest Screen

Nokia 701 is an upgraded version of the Nokia C7, and have an up-to-date operating system, an improved screen and a faster processor. It has a great graphics, a refined UI, long battertid and the clearest screen the world has yet seen. 701 is controlled by Nokia Symbian Belle and a 1 GHz processor, and is approximately twice as fast as before.

Nokia mobile phone 701

Nokia mobile phone 701

It is an attractive appearance at Nokia 701 measures 117.2 x 56.8 x 11 mm, and weighs only 131 g. This mobile phone is supported by a 3.5 inch (~ 210 ppi pixel density) LED-backlit IPS TFT capacitive touch screen that highlights the device’s beautiful exterior. Users can benefit from the 16 million colors with a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels. Nokia says that it is the most obvious smartphone screen, combined with ClearBlack technology with IPS TFT display and a Gorilla Glass surface.

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Constitute The New Port On Macbook A Security Risk?

The popular port is vulnerable to BadUSB-attack …

Usb Type-C

A year after it was produced, USB Type-C got his big debut – Apple announced that the new MacBook will have only one port, USB Type-C. And Google has also unveiled the latest version of chrome device Pixel with the same port. But it seems that these ports is a big security risk.

USB Type-C: strong and multifunctional …
But it is not so safe?


Although USB Type-C is very convenient and compact, it is still based on USB technology, as the name says. And it makes it vulnerable for firmware-attack.

It is nothing new or surprising, but what is problematic is the fact that the new USB Type-C now is used as a power port: the only port you should use.

BadUSB-vulnerability: what is it all about?

An “infected” or dangerous USB device which will be connected to the USB port, can lead to attacks almost immediately. This means that your MacBook can be attacked before you can reach to check what is stored on the USB device and whether you want to open it or not. And it is relatively easy to make a USB device that will spread the virus in this way.

In addition, it was reported that Apple is planning to allow third-party chargers and battery packs under its USB Type-C implementation, which unfortunately can make the risk even more.

Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Sumo: Fun For The Whole Family

Today we write about one of the most popular toys – Mini Drone Jumping Sumo from Parrot.

Jumping-Sumo Parrot Mini Drone

Parrot is a French company that first and foremost is known for fantastic Bluetooth accessory, but they also produce interesting, radio-controlled toys – drones, cars and more. Jumping Sumo is a toy from Parrots Mini Drone-series that Parrot is known for, and it is precisely this toy was one of the most popular we have – and it’s no big surprise, since it is very smart and unusual.

Jumping-Sumo Parrot Mini Drone

Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Sumo:
Acrobatic tricks and very entertaining

Mini Drone Jumping Sumo from Parrot

Parrot Jumping Sumo is an unusual robot which jumps up to 80 cm, sharp turns, dangers of place in zig zag (up to 7 km per hour) and performing acrobatic tricks, depending on your drive. It is additionally armed with sensors and a gyroscope, which makes the smart robot is very stable and that the camera is always in the same angle – no matter how much you jump. You can control the Jumping Sumo completely up to 50 meters away, with a smartphone or a tablet (both iOS, Android and Windows Phone is supported), while the video will be streamed directly on your device’s screen. In our store you can read more about or buy Jumping Sumo in black or white.