Android Tips: Here Are The Safest IM-Service

Today we write about the safest way to send messages on – and it is very likely that you have already used this service.

Message or send SMS

Most of us are using smartphones to send messages via IM services, and some experts believe that traditional ways of posting messages on is about to disappear … But what is the most secure way to send messages on? Before we disclose it, we will tell you a little about what an IM service is.

What is an IM service?

IM stands for “instant messaging” (direct message, Flash), and it is a form of communication over the net, where the conversation takes place in (almost) real-time. Some of the most well known IM services is Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Hangouts, Lapwings and WhatsApp.

Whatsapp is the safest IM app on Android!

Whatsapp IM-service

Whatsapp has become one of the strongest and safest message earn gems on the Android market, thanks to the “end-to-end encryption”. What does it mean in practice? This means that WhatsApp messages is 100% secure, and it is impossible to decrypt them, even for WhatsApp.

Only the two parties involved in the chat will be able to view the messages, so even if police or NSA asks WhatsApp to hand over messages to them, it will be impossible. A number of other apps offer similar “end-to-end encryption”, but WhatsApp is probably the most popular and largest.

WhatsApps “end-to-end encryption” will be soon available for iOS users

The new feature which was available through a collaboration with the Open Whisper Systems, will be soon available in iOS version of WhatsApp, so this is good news for iPhone users.

What do you think of “end-to-end encryption” and similar services?