Recommended Travel Apps Out There For Your Next Trip Abroad

Do you remember what it was like to travel before it became common with smartphones, tablets and other gadgets? If you would read something on your holiday by the beach, packed you a book or two with in the trunk. Would you be able to communicate with the local population or other tourists on the spot, took you a travel dictionary forward – if you so not linguistically was above average. Where you should eat was settled after asking for, or following instructions in a travel guide. A lot has happened in a short space of time, and now you can do all of this through various travel applications. So before you set out on your next ship to circumnavigate the world or city break, you should make sure that installing these travel applications on your Android or iOS device.

Find cafes, restaurants with more with Foursquare

This app knows the most, but we mention it anyway, because it is very practical. Foursquare is used as a guide to find your way around in a new city, to find places to visit, restaurants and bars etc. You can read the recommendations and reviews written by other users, and you can save places you want to visit later.

Use Swackett to plan what clothes you need to have in the trunk

Swackett tells you what to pack, and whether you will need an umbrella or sunglasses. This application converts forecast to avatars who have dressed up properly for the occasion. Are there cold outside has a sweater and jacket at icon. When it’s hot takes the avatar shorts and t-shirt on.

FlightAware provides all the information about your flight

If the flight is cancelled, delayed or if it, for example, receive output from a gate, you get it immediately to know on FlightAware. Follow the real-time status of any commercial flight around the world, and have all the details at your fingertips.

Kindle brings all your books in one place

Instead of filling the trunk with heavy books, you can take them in electronic format using the Kindle app. In addition to new books and older Favorites, you can also find newspapers, magazines and text books on Kindle. The app also offers other practical options like night setting, direct translation, etc.

Duolingo helps you Polish your language abilities by

Parlez-vous francais? Dunde esta el bano? Wieviel kostet das? A fun, new way to learn a new language on when you are out and to travel. It takes many years to master a language fluently, but with Duolingo, you can quickly learn useful phrases and expressions.